Janice Parker
Landscape Architects


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The skill of employing balance and simplicity, in a design that reflects emotion and respect for the environment, is a fine dance. This site had been a farm, with the bones of a house, barns, fields, woodlands, and the remains of a fruit orchard. Here I was able to appreciate the story of the land. The client requested a large pool and a rural, yet elegant and finely detailed, landscape.

The rear fields were altered by adding additional topsoil, and seeded for haying. An old split-rail fence that divided the property into small sections was removed and paths were mowed through the newly joined fields. An old pond at the low point of the land— between the fields and the woodland—was dredged and replanted. Privacy plantings were added along the road and wrapped around to the front of the old house. This road is a historic travel route, lined with old and declining sugar maples. We planted new rows of sugar maples, placed the traditional existing 35 feet apart, with the addition of two old Malus sargentii—Sargent crabapples. These trees are full of character and very hardy. All of the clumped and ornamental plantings around the house were removed and simple grass was used. Corten steel planters were made for herbs and annual plants, placed in hidden corners away from the main view from the house and terraces. The Corten steel continues to weather its patina and adds a sharp and disciplined edge to the exuberant herbs and flowers.

Pool Image