Janice Parker
Landscape Architects


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PUTTING FOOD FIRST, as the jewel in the landscape’s crown, was the approach behind this particular design. From there, creating a nearby place to eat the harvested goods was the next important step, followed by the recreational and relaxation spaces. We use the “three times” formula—an outdoor kitchen needs to be three times the size of its indoor counterpart to give it breathing room in the panorama of all outdoors.

Morning sun through spring flowering cherry blossom branches, the poolhouse is seen though haze in the distance.

SHARED FENCES OR HEDGES BROADLY FRAME THESE SPACES. We worked to create an itinerary that flows seamlessly from one space to the next. By dropping spaces within spaces, the family can simultaneously enjoy the full experience of their gardens. Among the splashing and tennis racquet play, in the center of it all, are the tomatoes.