Janice Parker
Landscape Architects


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Architects and interior designers often reference drawing on elements from nature and “bringing the outside in.” As landscape architects, we are often asked to bring the inside out. I interpret this directive in areas that join the house, as well as in the design of the overall layout and all the design elements. The stone, fences, planting choices, lighting, furnishings, hardware and proportions of the garden areas can all reflect back to the interior design intent. This may not always be the best solution, but it is an idea that can work well if the land and interior design are in sympathy with each other in simple ways. The large openness of this site, with the hypnotic sea edge, was made for this approach. The rustic quality could not be changed, it was too strong to be influenced, and so the design intent could be layered boldly without disturbing any of the natural beauty.

The design of the architecture is sleek and modern. There was extensive thought put into the exact coloration and sourcing of the limestone for the paving and walls. The design of the outdoor terraces mixed grass, stone and plantings, and became a matrix of pattern and dimensionality. The roof garden on the pool house commands incredible views of the Long Island Sound and the landscape, and as such we choose to plant it in the simplest way.